Daybreak Rotary's Stampede Parade


93rd Annual Parade

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Parade Starts at 10 am


This year's theme

"Come as you are"






Parade Route
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Please fill out the form if you would like to participate in the Williams Lake Daybreak Rotary Stampede Parade:
Print Registration Form
Return registration to:


Sandtronic Business Systems Ltd.
#3 - 11 2nd Avenue South
Williams Lake, B.C.
V2G 3W3
(250) 392-4498


Tourist Discovery Centre
1660 South Broadway Avenue
Williams Lake, B.C.
V2G 2W4
(250) 392-5025


Entry Deadline: June 24th




Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. What is new and exciting for the 2019 Parade?
    We have restructured the judging process. Participants and entries will be judged during the parade. There will be 3 cash prizes.
2.  Where does the parade start and finish?
    The start of the parade is at the corner of 4th Avenue and Proctor Street. Check out our map above or click here for a larger map.
    The official end of the parade is on First Avenue as parade entries get to Comer Street. Parade entries should continue on First Avenue all the way to Comer Street
3. Where does our parade entry go to "check-in" or "register" on Parade Morning?
    There are two answers for this good question.
    All equine (horse) entries should assemble and check-in at the Cariboo Memorial Complex. Assembly area is both the front and back parking lot there. The parade organizer's Equine Parade Marshall will be there to help you, and someone from our registration team will be there to check you in also.
All other entries (non-horse) should check in at our main registration table at the corner of Comer Street and 2nd Avenue (As indicated on the map). You will be noted as being present, clear up outstanding registration fees if any, and will be given a staging number that represents where you will be entering the parade from (your spot in the parade). You will then proceed to the staging area spot reserved for your number in the parade to complete the final preparations for your float, gather all your volunteers, prepare for the judging, or just enjoy the fun atmosphere that happens on parade morning.
    The very best way for all entries to check-in is to make your way to Mackenzie Avenue and follow the many signs erected (on the hydro poles or stop signs) for parade entries that have been posted along the way. You will be directed along Mackenzie Avenue to Rose Street, proceeding to 2nd Avenue, turning to the right and heading to the corner of Comer and 2nd. If you go this way you will in the same stream as all other entries and will find it much easier to get to your "staging area number".
4.   What time does our entry need to “check-in” or “register” by on Parade morning?
    Plan to be at the Check-In and Registration early. Assembly is from 7AM to 8:30AM, Pre-Judging is at 9AM and the parade starts promptly at 10AM.
5.  Will the parade organizers supply parade entries and participants with breakfast, water, food, or other refreshments?
    No.  All parade entries are responsible for their own participants and refreshments.  There are simply too many participants for the parade organizers to handle this well.  You will notice some people having refreshments in the main check-in area - these people are parade volunteers and the refreshments are for them. Some of the organizers will have started working on setting up for the parade at 5:00 AM or earlier already.
6. Can we throw candy and other items into the crowds along the parade route?
    NO.  The practice of throwing any items from the float into the crowds, or even throwing items at the feet of the first row of spectators is not acceptable behavior.  This has everything to do with safety for all concerned, which is the Parade Marshall’s primary concern. Young children especially are prone to jumping out from the spectator areas to retrieve candy and other items and are very susceptible to tripping, falling or otherwise getting in the way of parade floats and the machines used to keep the parade moving.  Even items thrown deep into a crowd are discouraged as the items could easily hit an unsuspecting spectator right in the eye.
    Parade entries are permitted to have walkers come alongside the parade float and hand spectators along the route items you wish distributed. Your walkers must also make continuous forward movement with your float and not fall behind the parade and cause “gaps” in the parade itself.
    If you are performing or dancing, stay in motion. Stopping will create unnecessary gaps in the parade.
7. Can we spray the parade spectators with water?
    Parade organizers strongly urge parade floats and participants to not spray or throw anything towards spectators at any time along the parade route, or marshalling areas.  Many spectators enjoy the parade immensely and wish to photograph certain floats or participants.  This equipment is expensive and many do not appreciate having water sprayed on the photographic equipment. Please respect every one’s right to enjoy the parade!